Simhawk is now, a marketplace dedicated to the products that you need to keep flying. From training, to paint and interiors, to avionics upgrades, to maintenance, to finding part-time crew, instructors, designated examiners, and more.

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A single marketplace providing access to thousands of aviation suppliers around the world.

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Easily compare options without having to contact each supplier individually.

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Rather than spending your time managing procurement, will do the work for you so you can fly more.

1. Create an account

This account can be used by an organization, team, or an individual. Our basic membership plan is free and allows you to post up to 3 projects a year as well as search special offers from suppliers with last minute availability or excess capacity.

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We need some basic information about the aircraft type you operate and the services you need so we can identify all available providers.

3. Choose your preferences

We show you all of the suppliers that match your budgetary, geographic, and regulatory requirements. Then you can choose which ones you want to receive proposals from.

4. Review & accept proposals

Easily compare proposals and prices without all of the effort. support is always standing by to help.