Simhawk is now, a marketplace dedicated to the products that you need to keep flying. From training, to paint and interiors, to avionics upgrades, to maintenance, to finding part-time crew, instructors, designated examiners, and more.

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Finding aviation service providers can be a hassle comes from the creators of, the Global Flight Simulator Marketplace, that was launched in 2016.

Simhawk started from the idea that many of the the benefits of the on-demand economy could be applied to the flight simulator market, with a simple goal of providing customers with a better way of buying and selling flight simulator time and training.

Working with thousands of Simhawk buyers and sellers, we realized that the same challenges existed for pilots, aircraft owners, and operators looking to find and buy the numerous services that are needed to keep flying.

Our customers frequently asked us about other services such as aircraft paint and interiors, avionics upgrades, maintenance, along with crew, instructors, and designated examiners. As a result, we broadened our marketplace to include all of these other services and adopted our new name,

There are thousands of aviation suppliers around the world but you may only be familiar with a few

Pilots, aircraft owners and operators tend to be familiar with a small number of suppliers that are either geographically close to them or that specialize in specific types of aircraft. That doesn’t mean that these suppliers have availability at the necessary time or that their pricing is competitive. enables pilots, aircraft owners, and operators to find the best available options based on a variety of search criteria via our online global marketplace. Avmkt eliminates the need to contact multiple providers and provides customers with access to a global network of suppliers in order to take advantage of constantly changing supply and demand.

Major airlines and flight operations have procurement solutions so why shouldn’t you?

Airlines and large flight operations typically have staff dedicated to procurement and have access to supply chain management tools that support them with Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or Request for Quotes (RFQs). Individual pilots, aircraft owners, and small to midsize flight operations are usually on their own when it comes to procurement. simplifies the process so that you can stay in the left seat instead of behind a desk.

Our marketplace allows you to quickly and easily identify all of the possible suppliers for the service that you need to keep yourself or your aircraft flying. You get to specify what you need, when you need it, along with a multitude of other requirements. Suppliers bid on your project so that you can quickly see who has availability and how their proposals compare to others in terms of pricing, features, and benefits. You can also search special offers from suppliers, that have last minute availability or excess capacity, to see if there are any that meet your needs.

Save Time, Fly More! was created to connect pilots and aircraft owners with the aviation suppliers and service providers they need to keep flying.

Most importantly, enables you to focus on flying or running your flight operation, rather than on managing procurement processes. We help pilots, aircraft owners, and operators find the services they need, when they need them.

Unlike other solutions, we don’t force you to deal with only selected suppliers. Our platform gives you the ability to search thousands of suppliers. You stay in control and can choose the solution that is the best fit for you.

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Are you and Aviation services supplier looking for a better way to grow your business?

Marketing aviation services is costly and labor intensive. provides aviation suppliers with an efficient sales tool by providing access to a larger global network of customers at a fraction of what you would pay to advertise on the same scale using traditional methods. Additionally, our marketplace provides a useful solution for aviation suppliers that have excess capacity or last minute availability. Best of all, we don’t take any commission or mark-up pricing. Aviation suppliers gain access to the marketplace for a simple flat fee. You maintain control of the opportunities that you bid on, listings you post, as well as the pricing that you offer.

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Who We Are

Chris Weinberg Founder/CEO

Chris brings over 20 years of aviation industry and technology leadership experience with him to He launched Simhawk, the Global Flight Simulator Marketplace, which was the precursor to Avmkt in 2016. Prior to launching Simhawk, Chris served as Chief Information Officer for FlightSafety International, where he also held a number of other leadership roles in sales, business development, and strategic planning. He is a graduate of Bates College as well as Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program. Chris is an active pilot, holding a Commercial Pilot License, and lives with his family in the Burlington, VT area.